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This Colorful Fall Anniversary Session at Borderland State Park was a great way to end the season.  It was so fun to meet up with Kristine and James for this super cuddly portrait session complete with the most amazing blanket all the way from Scotland.  Do I know anyone going to Scotland soon???  Please pick […]

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This Cranberry And Blue Fall Family Portrait might win for best color combination.  Cranberry is the perfect color for warmth against a natural fall backdrop.  I always compliment this family on how well coordinated they are and every year the mom tells me that she whipped it up right before they walked out the door.  […]

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  Another Farm Family Portrait in Easton, Massachusetts caught beautiful evening light, but guess what?  It was freezing!  Kudos to this family for hanging in there as we all tried to keep smiles on our faces.  The good thing is that at a certain point you just have to laugh about how cold it is!  […]

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I love a Fall Family Portrait at Borderland State Park!  It’s been a rough fall with lots of rain and crazy, cold wind.  But the night I met up with this family we were counting the minutes until we could change from our sweaters to our t-shirts!  It was shocking how warm it was.  It […]

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Fall State Park Engagement Sessions are the best.  Wide open areas to explore and the time to really get to know my couples.  While I don’t require engagement sessions, I do highly recommend them as a way to get to know your photographer.  I write all about it in my Wedding Magazine that all my […]

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