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Snowy Sheep Pasture Portrait

This Snowy Sheep Pasture Portrait sure was a surprise!  I never would have guessed that it would snow on Halloween!  Now I’m from Vermont and snow on Halloween was a given, but here in Easton, Massachusetts, it is a little bit less likely.  This family rolled with it and had so much fun!  Do you […]

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Winchester Family Portrait

This Shannon Beach Family Portrait was a new location for me.  I love when families think outside of my suggestions and take me to new places.  For this family, with the itty-bitty newborn, staying closer to home was important.  I encourage families to pick a location they love and therefore am happy to travel!  Driving […]

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Colorful Fall Generational Portrait

This Colorful Fall Generational Portrait in Needham exceeded my expectations.  I mean, look at that tree!  This session is extra special as the family is celebrating the grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary.  Getting all dressed up for a special dinner was a part of the plan. The grandparents, however, had no idea I was coming to […]

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Late Fall Borderland Family Portrait

This Late Fall Borderland Family Portrait in Easton is so delightful.  This family chased the light with me as we toured the grounds at Borderland State Park in Easton, Massachusetts.  I love doing family sessions at state parks to help support their upkeep and introduce them to new generations.  This amazing family came ready to […]

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Navy & Cream Fall Portrait in Wrentham.

This Navy & Cream Fall Portrait in Wrentham is a season favorite.  This family goes to the same preschool that my daughter goes to.  It’s bittersweet as they are virtual and it is our last year there.  I can’t believe my littlest goes off to kindergarten next year!  Anyways, I had so much fun with […]

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