Aubrey Greene

Aubrey Greene

What To Wear to your Fall Family Portrait

Nov 13

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You are wondering What To Wear To Your Fall Family Portrait.  Look no further than this family who rocks their session every year.  The best images are when you feel comfortable, so, the best place to start is your very own closet.  After that you can fill in holes with items from stores like Old Navy that have everything in every color…ever.  Long gone are the days where everyone wears the same exact outfit.  Being coordinated but not matching will yield a cohesive look.  For example, say you pick blue… one person wears a blue checkered shirt with khakis, another person wears a blue floral dress, and the kiddos are in blue shorts with a white shirt and a white sundress with a blue hair flower.  Everyone has a pop of blue in a stylish, not-so matchy-matchy way.  This adds visual interest and ensures the images capture the authenticity of your everyday life.  You will no longer struggle with What To Wear To Your Fall Family Portrait!


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